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Each month, we offer a comprehensive workshop called Tools for Transition that is designed to walk you through all the steps necessary to effect a successful career transition — whether it's launching your career after college or grad school, making a career pivot midway through your career, or enhancing your professional growth in your current field. Tools for Transition is given on Saturday once a month at various locations around Seattle. One participant called it “a blueprint for a strategic process to get from stuck to landed.” [See a dizzying list of testimonials at the bottom of this page.]

Upcoming dates:

Saturday, January 12, 9am-4pm (Mercer Island)
Saturday, February 16, 9am-4pm (Wallingford neighborhood)
Saturday, March 30, 9am-4pm (Mercer Island)
Saturday, May 11, 9am-4pm (Capitol Hill)

Tools for Transition costs $98 and includes a packet of 22 handouts, the PPT presentation, and a career assessment for you to complete beforehand. Pre-registration is required, so that you will receive the benefit of completing the career assessment, as that is a crucial first step to a successful transition.

TO REGISTER: Please contact Elizabeth Atcheson at to request the career assessment and the invoice to complete secure online registration using any credit card OR a PayPal account if you have one. Please note the "bring a friend" discount.

Please see the workshop description below, along with testimonials from previous workshop participants.

Tools for Transition:

Launch, Pivot, or Grow Your Career

NEXT DATE: Saturday, January 12, 2019, 9am-4pm ($98)
Mercer Island Community and Event Center
(free parking and easy bus access)

Looking for a job, a career change or re-start? This workshop will give you the tools you need:

Conducted by Elizabeth Atcheson, founder and principal of Blue Bridge Career Coaching. Each workshop has 20-30 participants; spending time with others "in the same boat" is very helpful in both normalizing the process as well as gleaning ideas and perspectives from people at all ages and stages of career transition.

Price: $95 per person, or "bring a friend" discount - 2 people registered in one payment for $160, plus $3 invoice service charge. Price includes 22 handouts, the PPT presentation, and worksheets for each step of the process including career assessment, personal narrative worksheet, sample resumes and cover letters, informational meeting guide, job interview prep guide, etc. To register, contact or 206-660-4441 to request career assessment and electronic PayPal invoice (allows you to pay securely with any credit card OR with PayPal; $3 invoice service charge will be added). If you're on a tight budget, please ask me about reduced-price registration. Pre-registration is required as space is limited and it's valuable to complete the career assessment ahead of time.

Here's what former participants in Tools for Transition have said:

A great class, never boring, packed with valuable information. I wish I had this kind of career mentoring earlier. Thanks for your work!” (December 2018)

I only wish I had found you sooner.” (December 2018)

Exceeded my expectations, even with the excellent recommendation from a friend.” (October 2018)

An incredibly in-depth briefing on how the job market works, and how to 'work' the job market!” (October 2018)

Thank you for such an inspiring and informational workshop!” (October 2018)

A great use of my very limited time!” (September 2018)

The whole workshop was great - not a minute was wasted - everything was useful.” (September 2018)

This is the most hopeful I've felt about my career in a long time.” (September 2018)

This workshop prepared me for EVERYTHNG that's needed to make me competitive and stand out in today's job market.” (July 2018)

Best $100 I've ever spent.” (July 2018)

A wonderful workshop... I learned so much that I will be able to apply immediately.” (July 2018)

With this one-day workshop I now have the tools and resources to continue without further assistance.” (July 2018)

I'd absolutely recommend this workshop to people in career transition. I want all my friends and family to attend, especially those struggling!” (July 2018)

Way exceeded my expectations.” (July 2018)

A ton of information presented in an easily accessible and very engaging way. You had my full attention for the entire 7 hours.” (June 2018)

Great workshop. Learned tons.” (April 2018)

Your work is life-changing!” (March 2018)

What a day! What a bargain! The information and guidance you provided was just awesome.” (February 2018)

An eye-opening day of learning about 21st century job searches.” (February 2018)

An amazing workshop. The information we received was such a detailed roadmap, that it left no question or confusion about where and how to get there. I'm excited to start!” (January 2018)

Thank you for giving a dynamic and valuable workshop...your knowledge in this area and your energy was truly limitless and I feel take those first steps along the bridge of transition.” (January 2018)

This is an amazing workshop and is a bargain for all the useful information you'll learn!” (December 2017)

The quintessential workshop for job seekers looking for guidance... I'll recommend it to others every chance I get.” (September 2017)

So much information! This was an excellent workshop. I have a newfound excitement and drive for my transition.” (July 2017)

Absolutely best 95 bucks you can spend on yourself and your career path.” (May 2017)

Your workshop is the best professional development experience I have attended in my 30 years as a professional.” (May 2017)

The value of the workshop far exceeded the price paid!” (May 2017)

THANK YOU for the workshop! It was informative and invigorating. I mentioned to my husband that if the house catches fire we should get the folder with my seminar notes on our way out ☺” (April 2017)

Very informative (and transformative!)... lots of terrific information that I am putting into action already!” (April 2017)

Best time I have spent on my career in a long time.” (March 2017)

It's great when you give up a weekend day to attend something like this and leave feeling that you got more than you expected out of it. Thank you for your generosity in sharing your years of research and knowledge about the best way to make a career transition. The specific examples, statistics, anecdotes, and wealth of resources you made available leave no doubt that a new 'landing' can be achieved.” (March 2017)

I'm now excited about my career transition versus scared to death! ☺” (February 2017)

Step by step roadmap for a career transition helped break an amorphous, overwhelming task into discrete, more easily tackled tasks.” (February 2017)

Totally changed my approach to job seeking. No more just staring at online job boards all day.” (January 2017)

Your workshop today was fantastic. It was exactly what I needed to get me reenergized and refocused. You provided so many useful resources I was not aware of, and gave me a good kick in the [beep] to use the ones I've been ignoring. Most of all, the plan of attack, and the way you organized all the information, really resonated with me. This is an approach I can embrace. THANK YOU!” (January 2017)

I am just launching my job search, and... you have given me a great road map.” (January 2017)

Your workshop rocked my world (in a good way)....the content was simply amazing - timely, relevant, well-researched and presented with professionalism... Hands down, the best career 'pep talk' I've had in 25 years.” (January 2017)

I was initially scared at the length of this workshop, but now I know that the extra time was worth it!” (January 2017)

The only regret that I have for Elizabeth's workshop is that I didn't go earlier. I have been relying on 'common sense' while looking for the right position in a highly competitive field for months, but not getting an offer. I now know exactly where I went wrong, and what I should do in the future. I am sure the workshop will not only serve as valuable guidance for me to land my next job, but will also be a factor in my long-term career success.” (December 2016)

Wish I had taken this two years ago.” (December 2016)

For long-term career success, this is just a small investment of great worth.” (December 2016)

The workshop refueled me with confidence after many setbacks in previous job searches. Thank you!” (December 2016)

Thank you so much for such a fantastic workshop yesterday. I've heard so much advice from so many people that I just felt overwhelmed and didn't know what to do next. Now I have concrete steps I can take and strategies I can employ to carry me successfully through my career search.” (October 2016)

Way better than I had even hoped for. Great step by step tools to achieve a successful career transition.” (September 2016)

I really feel like I have tools now to present myself in a very professional way and handle LinkedIn - thank you!” (September 2016)

I should have done this years ago. I can't wait to put some of these ideas into motion!! It really helped me feel more proactive about my transition than I've felt in a long time. An awesome jump-start to my process. Elizabeth was a great speaker and really kept things moving along. Those 5+ hours flew by WAY faster than expected. I'm just blown away at all of the amazing advice. Thank you SO much for sharing your knowledge with all of us. You gave me a lot of (greatly needed) HOPE.” (September 2016)

Thanks for the great workshop — I really appreciated the amount of content you packed into one day.” (September 2016)

You are an extraordinary career coach and human being. Thank you for the work you do — sharing your experience and expertise — and for your heart. It is obvious that you care deeply about this work that you do. Also, your straightforward approach and humor are so refreshing. I can feel your integrity! Thank you thank you! So much.” (September 2016)

Wish I had done this workshop 4 months ago.” (July 2016)

I've been pretty lost. I now know how to get where I want to go.” (July 2016)

Very helpful and inspiring and I would recommend it to anyone. HUGE value.” (July 2016)

A clearcut, practical strategy for tackling the overwhelming process of job hunting.” (July 2016)

A blueprint for a strategic process to get from stuck to landed.” (July 2016)

Thank you again for your incredible workshop I had the opportunity to attend today. I learned so much during the 5 hours. It has taken a huge weight off of my shoulders. I now feel I am able to take a much more objective look at my situation and to take small manageable steps to reach my ultimate goal of landing that dream job.” (June 2016)

Excellent. Thorough. Very useful. Also, it is truly a DIY program for folks who can't afford $200/hour personal coaching.” (May 2016)

I just wanted to share a great big thank you for sharing 5 hours of your time and talents to offer such an incredibly rich, incredibly useful workshop... Your workshop is an incredible value Elizabeth. And I love your enthusiasm. Thank you so much!” (May 2016)

Incredible value for a very low price. I feel like I got a bargain.” (May 2016)

I wish I had done this as the first pre-planning step in my search instead of waiting until I was 7 months in and stalled. This was an EXCELLENT workshop; I am amazed that it is so cost effective.” (April 2016)

Thank you for putting on a workshop that contained a wealth of relevant information with guidance to start applying it immediately. I am looking forward to positive change as a result of applying these methods and suggestions. It was worth missing a rare sunny and warm Seattle day for this workshop!” (April 2016)

An even better use of my time than I'd hoped it would be.” (February 2016)

Boy, was this a lot of value for the money!” (February 2016)

By far the most thorough of all the resources I have consulted. I learned a lot from content and participants. Huge thank you!” (February 2016)

A well-organized and information-packed workshop.” (February 2016)

I honestly wasn't sure what to expect from this and was taking it mostly out of desperation for some kind of step forward, but I learned so much!” (February 2016)

I feel equal amounts terrified and empowered, but the presentation was first-rate.” (January 2016)

I was apprehensive to take a 5 hour course, thinking it would be too much to digest all at once or that it wouldn't be engaging for the full duration. I was wrong. Five hours flew by and the information was presented in a memorable way.” (January 2016)

You made the process seem manageable, and not overwhelming.” (January 2016)

Comprehensive, concise, and exactly what I needed.” (December 2015)

I understand the process of successful transition much better than I did before and, not only that, but that I am capable of doing it (!).” (December 2015)

Very impressed with the breadth and depth of information you provided us in such a short time.” (December 2015)

The job search can seem really daunting so it was great to have it broken down into manageable steps.” (December 2015)

Practical, accessible, encouraging, well-researched and illustrated with good stories.” (December 2015)

Thank you so very much for an informative and inspiring day! I have so much to chew on moving forward and all of a sudden I know what I didn't know. Great place to be... Thank you for such a thorough and thoughtful presentation and welcoming environment.” (November 2015)

I really enjoyed today's workshop! I found it fascinating and really informative. I left the workshop feeling much more positive about the transition process than I had coming into it and I found that even the informational interviews - while scary to me at first mention - are something I'm looking forward to doing.” (November 2015)

Your workshop was invaluable to me.” (October 2015)

I'm lucky I got to learn from you... I wish I had taken the class so much earlier.” (October 2015)

Elizabeth knows her 'stuff'! Organized from start to finish; gave a huge starting leap; easy for any participant to begin working forward from here.” (September 2015)

Thank you for an incredible workshop... I am really grateful for the process you outlined.” (September 2015)

Thank you so much for such an intelligent and well-organized seminar on job transitioning! I left feeling hopeful for my future for the first time in five years.” (July 2015)

It presented me with a plan I can work for finding a job. I simply didn't know what to do before the workshop. Now I do.” (June 2015)

This is the best thing I have done for myself professionally, and perhaps personally, in years.” (April 2015)

The workshop exceeded my expectations. It was an inspiring and informative way to launch my transition. Thank you so much for your guidance.” (April 2015)

Very helpful to those of us who feel completely lost about our career direction.” (March 2015)

Thank you again for the incredibly informative workshop today. I must admit that I felt a bit overwhelmed at times, but the strategies you presented were so clear and to the point, that I honestly feel like I have filled my toolbox to begin this journey.” (March 2015)

Excellent information, very to-the-point.” (March 2015)

I received a "scholarship" and am so grateful. The whole thing was superb.” (March 2015)

A practical and quick jump-start to pragmatic and purposeful career change.” (January 2015)

I only wish I had gotten a chance to come sooner.” (January 2015)

Your handouts are now my bible. Every sheet is a valuable resource chokka full of useable information.” (January 2015)

A step-by-step prescription for finding the right work for each individual. The steps are presented in such logical fashion that they can only lead to success.” (January 2015)

You threw me a life vest when I was lost in the ocean!” (November 2014)

I'm relieved, I'm happy and I'm grateful to you for your advice and sincerity in your presentation. In two words: 'it worked'.” (November 2014)

Your [Tools for Transition] workshop... exceeded my expectations - the best $95 I've spent in a long time. Not only are you motivating and inspiring, but your materials pack so much practical information into a small but effective punch. For the first time in my career I feel like I have an understandable, do-able plan with a realistic outcome.” (October 2014)

Wow! I got more from those four hours than I did from at least a dozen hours given me by [my former employer] with another career consultant, and from hours spent talking with other people.” (July 2014)

Thank you again for the workshop, it has motivated and directed me more than I could have hoped it would.” (June 2014)

I found the tools of figuring out my interests as well as practical job hunting skills a great combination!” (April 2014)

It was a great nuts and bolts, A-Z of job-searching.” (April 2014)

Extremely helpful and informative. I wish I had taken this sooner.” (March 2014)

Gave me new updated insights - exactly what I was looking for.” (March 2014)

The workshop pulled me out of a stuck place where I had languished for too long. Now I am fully engaged in creating my future.” (March 2014)

Clear, step-by-step description of how to pursue a job hunt/career change.” (March 2014)

Thank you for such a thought-provoking and thorough workshop last night. I only wish I had found you sooner.” (December 2013)

Three powerful hours of life-changing information - just the shot in the arm I needed to jump-start my transition.” (October 2013)

Great presentation and counsel to the group. Relevant and timely, and presented empathetically.” (October 2013)

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