Most people, regardless of their age or experience, move at varying paces through eight stages of career transition. Blue Bridge Career Coaching can help with any one of these stages, with a few of them, or with all of them – depending on your needs. Working with Blue Bridge will accelerate your pace through these stages and speed you to work you love.

Stage 1. Getting to a Place Where You Must Take This Step

Stage 2. The Deep Work: Completing the Doing-Thinking-Believing Circles

Stage 3. Brainstorming the “Energy Zone” – the Overlap among your Doing-Thinking-Believing Circles

Stage 4. Naming Your Ideal Work and Developing a Personal Narrative

Stage 5. Creating the First Resume Reflecting New Goal and Narrative (note: your resume will undergo refinement through Stage 6)

Stage 6. Networking and Informational Interviewing (90% of jobs are filled this way)

Stage 7. Closing in on a Handful of Viable Options and Developing Those Options

Stage 8. “Working Your Way into a Job,” Applying for a Job and Landing It, or Creating Your Own Work

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