Blue Bridge provides professional career development and strategy based on your unique skills, passions, and values. Blue Bridge gives you the skills to maximize your assets and find the work and career that’s right for you. You’ll learn about yourself and create a foundation for making choices that lead in the best direction.

Why consider working with a career coach?

Because you need professional expertise when you’re looking for a job or changing careers. Because in today’s economy, it’s not enough to have the right qualifications: every aspect of your self-presentation has to sell your unique profile and value – from your personal narrative to your resume to your interview. Because you will land meaningful work faster if you work with a professional career coach who can guide you to your calling and give you the skills to get there. Because 90% of jobs are filled through networking and informational interviewing, so you need to understand the right – and wrong – way to network. Because everyone should love his/her work.

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